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Welcome to Kay Home Improvement! Serving Langhorne, PA, and the surrounding areas, we’ve been the trusted go-to for residential home improvement projects since 1971. Our legacy is built upon the firm foundation of a family-owned business that places your needs at its core.

As led by Greg Kay, a dedicated Home Improvement Contractor, we believe in turning your dream renovations into tangible realities. Our services span from intricate roofing installations to the transformative power of a well-executed kitchen remodel. Beyond these, our general contractors possess the acumen for diverse projects — be it the warmth of hardwood floors or the security of a sturdy roof, along with full architectural services. With us, your visions are always met with flexible hours, prompt project completion, competitive rates, and the utmost courtesy.

Our commitment to the local community is unwavering. Through each nail and brick, we stitch our values into our work. We’re more than just a business; we are an integral thread in the fabric of this town, and our project planning assistance ensures your voice resonates in every corner of your revamped space.

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